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Paid Social Media

With Neox's expertise in paid social media marketing, we make sure that each campaign gets maximum exposure to the right audience by using a combination of strategic targeting and creative messaging designed to convert customers into fans.

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We take over every detail of all social media advertising campaigns from initial setup through weekly monitoring, including targeting ad creatives for optimal performance with our expert team.

Our team of experts specializes in all aspects of paid social advertising from creating posts, writing copy, and choosing images to targeting specific audiences with precision and managing campaigns over time.

We thoroughly analyze everything about your current campaigns so we know what works best before starting anything new.

We'll also help you choose which types of ads are best suited for your business goals as well as how much budget should be spent on each platform and campaign type.

Finally, we'll monitor performance over time and make adjustments when needed so that you always get the most bang for your buck!

arrow icon Finding and expanding your audience

Social Media Ads can position your company directly in front of a specific group of users on desktops or mobile devices serving adverts based on their sex, age, location, interests, income, education, and more.

But getting your message across to the right people through Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube advertising can be a real challenge.

Paid ads are one of the most effective ways for businesses to get their messages in front of their target audience, but it's not always easy to know exactly how much you should spend or what type of ad will work best.

We'll manage your social media advertising campaign so you don't have to worry about any of that. Our team has years of experience helping business owners like yourself connect with more customers and grow their profit through paid social media marketing campaigns.

With our help, you can make sure all your social media advertising goals are met at an affordable price point!

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We've worked with dozens of businesses and have helped them reach their goals by creating custom landing pages for each campaign that drive meaningful results.

Neox will create a unique social media strategy tailored to your business needs and help you achieve success in all of your marketing endeavors through setting up multiple advertising campaigns, weekly monitoring and maintenance, and monthly performance reports.

Whether it's boosting brand awareness, increasing website conversion rates, or driving more sales, we'll get you there.